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TDGC Annual Photo Competition

Reminder . . . . Get Snap Happy for 2023!

Note the new categories for 2023 - full details are in the 2023 Club Diary.

Congratulations to 2 of 

our members who 

received Highly 

Commended for their 

photos submitted in the 

2019 GCA Photo 


Kristy Haslam in Garden 

Visitors Category

- '4 O'Clock Somewhere'


Margaret Graham in Close-up Flowers or Foliage Category

- 'Rosy Grevillea'

2019 TDGC Photo Competition Winners

Winners & Runners up of the 5 Categories

1. Garden Scenes (anywhere in the world) - Shirley Haslam, Bev Langbein, Lou Pierotti, Judy Robertson

2. Garden Visitors (birds, Bees, Bugs, animals) - Andrea Farren, Bev Langbein, Kristy Haslam

3. Abstract Image - Shirley Haslam, Kristy Haslam

4. Close-up Flowers and Foliage - Shirley Haslam, Gifford Stevens, Margaret Graham, Kristy Haslam, Lorretta Haslam

5.Productive Garden and Edible Plants - Shirley Haslam, Margaret Graham

2019 Garden Scenes Winner & Runners-up

2019 Garden Visitors Winner & Runners-up

2019 Abstract Image Winner & Runners-up

2019 Close-up Flowers or Foliage Winner & Runners-up

2019 Productive Garden and Edible Plants Winner & Runner-up

2018 TDGC Photo Competition Winners

2018 TDGC Annual Photo Competition!

Winners & Runners-up of the Five Categories:

  1. Garden Scenes (anywhere in the world) - Clare Buckley & Tracey Duffy
  2. Garden Visitors (birds, bees, bugs, animals) - Kristy Haslam & Tracey Duffy
  3. Abstract image of flowers or foliage - Anne Thomson & Tracey Duffy
  4. Close-up of flowers, foliage or floral/flower arrangements            - Shirley Haslam & Tracey Duffy
  5. Productive Gardens or Edible Plants (fruit, vegetables, herbs)                                     - Shirley Haslam & Andrea Farren

2018 Entries for Garden Scenes

2018 Entries for Garden Visitors

2018 Entries for Abstract Image of Flowers, Foliage or Floral/Flower Arrangement

2018 Entries for Close-up of Flowers, Foliage or Floral/Flower Arrangements

2018 Entries for Productive Gardens or Edible Plants (fruits, vegetables, herbs)

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